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Wilkommen, witamy was and bienvenue, to the very first Lingo!

Lingo is the magazine to read for fascinating ideas about language, intriguing articles from experts and puzzles to test your language knowledge!

Here at Lingo, we're intrigued by the variety of ways in which human beings communicate. And not just the languages spoken in the British Isles, but languages all over the world.
So, for the first ever Lingo we look at languages from across Europe.

Our first issue has a European theme. We introduce some phrases from different European languages, investigate how different languages affect each other and test your language logic with our European- themed language puzzles. Our colourful pull-out poster also shows the variety of different languages spoken across the continent.

We also look at language beyond Europe. Our first ever Lingo penpal writes to us from Indonesia to tell us about the different languages she speaks.

We also try to answer some questions that many of us ask about language. Why do we speak different languages, and why can people who speak the same language sound different? And is it possible to have a language without speech?

All in all, plenty for language lovers to enjoy! There's information on our website about how to buy future issues of Lingo. Let us know what you think of Lingo! You can even write us a letter if you prefer.

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